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The auction house Gert Müller was founded in 1951 and has since then established itself with philatelic and numismatic ambitious offerings. Numerous exceptional and rare collections have been auctioned with us. So we could, for example, auctioning the great special collection SBZ handstamps of the former association examiner Lutz Maigatter in two auctions, also the phantastic special collection SBZ Ströh with spectacular rarities in several auctions, the great special collection SBZ handstamps of Dr. Drescher, to name just a few examples . The year 2013 begins in February with the 75th Auction and the most valuable offer the company's history in six auction catalogues, offers the first part of the rare large stock Federal Republic of Germany of Mr. Gerd Bennewirtz, a well-known investment advisor. Overall, we have achieved in the years 2010 to 2012 a total turnover of over 20 million euros (excluding VAT). The auction house Gert Müller is one of the leading auction companies of the Postage Stamps business.

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