Our 120th auction, which took place from the 23rd to 25th of November, achieved a large number of high hammer prices, some of which were very unexpectedly high and often many times higher than the estimates. The focus was on the impressive “ALBERTUS” collection of coins and stamps which was presented in the form of individual lots in a special catalogue as well as in substantial collections. This consignment comprised a total of 205 lots, all of which were sold. The total result of this consignment amounted to 560000,-€ (hammer price + premium without VAT). Hereby, a collection of German Occupation World War II provided  34000,-€ (lot 1, starting bid: 10000,- €), a collection of German Empire booklet pages generated 32000,- € (lot 1A, starting bid: 20000,- €), a collection of stamp booklets of the German Empire yielded 32000,- € (lot 1B, starting bid: 15000,- €), a special collection of Bund/Berlin stamp booklets and booklet sheets fetched 11000,- € (lot 1C, starting bid: 7000,- €), a collection of German Empire se-tenants realised 13000,- € (lot 1D, starting bid: 5000,- €). Numerous top prices were achieved for the single lots in this consignment, including a Heydrich souvenir sheet, which, despite an adhesive spot, realised the current world record price of 34000,- € (lot 4075, starting bid: 15000,- €). We would like to thank the collector and his wife once again for the auction commission.

Another highlight of this auction was the extensive collection of a collector from Baden, which we were able to divide into 48 lots. This consignment was also completely sold with a starting price of 63950,- €, ultimately realiseing a hammer price of 95760,- € (lots 3F-5E). A consignment from Schleswig-Holstein was particularly sought after by our international clientele, with numerous rich collections and lots from Europe/overseas. This consignment comprised 71 lots which were completely sold at a total price of 225000,- € (hammer price + premium without VAT). Here too the estimated prices were consistently exceeded and in some cases by very significant amounts.  Particularly sought was a collection of former single lots which ultimately realised the enormous hammer price of 18000,- € (lot 11X, starting bid 3000,- €) as well as another collection on two shelves which fetched an incredible 19000,- € (lot 11Y, starting bid: 1000,- €).

As usual, the lots in the supplementary catalogue were also highly competitive.  As a consequence a collection of Baden realised 13000,- € (lot 2100, starting bid: 5000,- €), a collection of postal history from Baden generated 8500,- € (lot 2101, starting bid: 1000,- €), a stock of Altdeutschland provided 7000,- € (lot 2105, starting bid: 1000,- €), a batch of British Colonies realised 3400,- € (lot 2106, starting bid: 500,- €), a Baden collection generated 5800,- € (lot 2116, starting bid: 500,- €), a collection of Europe realised an incredible 7500,- € (lot 2117, starting bid: 500,- €), an unused collection People’s Republic of China realised 11000,- € (lot 2123E, starting bid 5000,- €), an all world collection realised 20000,- € (lot 2124, starting bid: 5000,- €), to name just a few examples.

As usual, our range of coins and banknotes was particularly sought after and sold almost completely.  Gold coins and numismatic attractive collections and lots from Germany, Europe and overseas were particularly sought after. The estimated prices were sometimes ten times multiplied. The banknote collections also often realised several times the estimated prices.

Once again, we would like to thank the numerous consignors and bidders of this auction, without whom the great success of our auction house would not be possible.

In addition to the national and international viewers, the many hundreds of internet bidders are particularly responsible for the success and the high hammer prices of this auction.

If you would also like to have your stamps, letters, postcards, coins, banknotes, jewellery, etc. auctioned off at top international prices, our next major auction in February 2024 offers you an outstanding opportunity to do so. Impressive consignments have already been received, which will once again attract a great deal of attention. For example, we will be able to divide up extensive collections of stamps and letters that were finalised shortly after the Second World War and have remained untouched ever since. This includes a huge special collection of Baden, Saxony with several Sachsendreiern, other old German states, German colonies, Great Britain, Saar 5 Mk. and 10 Mk. Bavaria-Sarre in sheets and much more. In addition, a further special collection of Baden is on offer, containing numerous rarities including the rarest frankings and cancellations. Lovers of Asian philately can also look forward to a great offer with impressive collections of China from the great dragons to the top values of the People’s Republic of China and numerous other Asian countries.

Our experts Holger Thull, Carsten Bernhard, Torsten Rosskopf and Michael Böttcher are now travelling all over Germany and will accept your consignment at your home. We will advise you discreetly and competently, as you would expect from an international auction house that has been in existence for over 70 years. You will receive a large advance on the expected proceeds at the time of consignment. We look forward to your call.

Record price for Baden cover!

Result: 192,000 Euro
(Hammer price including fees)


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